Crazy. Stressful. Crazy. That’s what I tell people when they inquire about New York Fashion Week. And hot. I shouldn’t forget hot. For my first few days in New York, I had the pleasure of rooming with Dani, Bianca, Olivia, Eugenie and Joellen, where late nights (read: past midnight) and takeout dinners were a regular occurrence. Fast forward through a full day of touring Manhattan with David, more than a handful of buying appointments (and delicious meals to follow) with Coup Boutique‘s owner/buyer Anna, and what felt like a lifetime of walking, to this moment where I’m trying to remember what actually happened during my eight days in New York while watching Hunter X Hunter on Netflix. But then again, I guess you can just watch the NYFW video instead of reading my nonsense. Yeah. You know what? Just do that. You’ll even catch a few glimpses of what’s coming for New Classics Studios during the 2015 Spring and Summer seasons. Fun fact, there are only a few more weeks until New Classics Studios launches. Which reminds me… of all the work I have to do. Ok bye.

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