Le Saint Sulpice

As some of you may know, Eric and I stayed in Montreal for an extra three days after our shenanigans with Shellys London came to a close. And thanks to Le Saint Sulpice, we were able to live, eat, breathe and sleep in the heart of Paris Old Montreal, right next door to the Notre Dame.

Thanks to the generous staff over at Le Saint Sulpice, Eric and I were provided with a complimentary breakfast (just thinking about it makes me hungry) and even some night-time reading in the form of 14 stories inspired by Le Saint Sulpice itself. And for all you art lovers, Le Saint Sulpice did not disappoint with its permanent “Body and Soul” exhibition displayed on the 5th floors of the hotel (which include 11 paintings by Montreal-born fashion designer Jean-Claude Poitras).So, while Eric and I actually spent a good 83% of our time in Montreal sitting in Le Saint Sulpice’s very very vast hotel bed and watching 19 Kids and Counting, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. After all, when you have a roomy and comfortable hotel room at your disposal, why would you leave? Being a tourist can be tiring. Being a hotel rat, not so much. Huge thanks to Karin and Le Saint Sulpice staff for: a) giving Eric and I an extremely warm welcome, and b) recommending us A++ restaurants (*praying hands emoji*). We’ll be back!

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