Ruffled Up

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As the second oldest female cousin on my mother’s side of the family, I’ve been wearing hand-me-downs for pretty much all of my life. My first bathing suit, sweaters labelled with sassy remarks like “I don’t even like you”, Christmas dresses—anything that could be passed down from one cousin to the next (it’s a shame my parents didn’t have another daughter… Just kidding Trevor, I still love you).

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But now that I’m a legal adult with tax-paying responsibilities and no more healthcare coverage, the sight of a hand-me-down has become much more rare, with the only exception being when I get to visit my family in Singapore and they send me back home with vintage Versace jeans, this See by Chloe t-shirt, two Marc Jacobs dresses, and a vintage Calvin Klein blouse. Goodness, I do love me some hand-me-downs.

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PS: in all seriousness, I have always been grateful for my cousin’s hand-me-downs. I mean, when free things are given to you, you just shut up, smile your nicest smile, and put your hands out. So thanks to Andrea and my aunt Winnie for supplying me with pretty much half my wardrobe as a kid!
See by Chloe T-Shirt
Skirt ℅‎ Urban Outfitters
Bag ℅‎ Coach X Disney


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