“They’re probably playing Pokémon Go!” yelled some middle school brats from across the street as Eric and I trekked down to a field of weeds with Navi in tow. Believe it or not, we weren’t… although I almost always have it running on my phone. You gotta hatch those eggs, y’know?


It’s been weeks since I’ve put up a new blog post. And although I could blame it on how busy I am, I can’t deny that I’ve been feeling uninspired. Maybe it’s the recent bouts of rain that some call refreshing (but I would say otherwise), or maybe it’s the never-ending to-do list that keeps me curled up in bed, unwilling to leave. But with that being said, I recently pulled out my DIY-cut Esprit overalls from the depths of my closet (I think I had thrifted it for something like $12), and remembered: a) just how much I love a good pair of denim overalls, and b) what you’re wearing really does affect how you feel.


DIY cut vintage Esprit overalls, Knit Cropped Turtleneck top (Similar), Vans Sneakers, Muji Watch


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