T-shirts and jeans are nothing new, especially for all those lazy girls (incl. me) out there who already have a hard enough time trying to figure out what to wear in the mornings. But add a couple straps to said t-shirt, throw on those vintage jeans you like so much, and now you can trick everybody into thinking you actually thought about your #OOTD for more than 5 seconds.


On another note, Morgan of @thegarmentlife has challenged me to a 6 month #fastfashionfast (basically, not buying any fast fashion for a determined period of time), which I thought was a really great exercise to share with any of you who might be interested in also committing to a more sustainable lifestyle. As some of you may know, since the emerging of fast fashion, the nature of the contemporary fashion industry has evolved into mass trend-based consumption of low quality clothing, resulting in heavy environmental and social impacts. And while this allows consumers access to the latest trends for very low prices, fast fashion has an extremely high invisible cost, and it is the environment and workers in the supply chain that pay. So with that being said, I’m challenging you (yes, you) to join me on this #fastfashionfast and discover more sustainable ways to supplement your wardrobe (think: thrifting, vintage, local boutiques, and investment pieces!).

And for those of you who are new to the slow fashion movement and sustainable fashion, here are some reads I highly recommend to get you started!

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Pomelo Tied Cut-Out T-shirt, Vintage Levi’s, Aritzia Straw Hat


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