Edmonton has never really been known as a fashionable city (I would say otherwise, but at least that’s what I hear), and maybe our obsession with West Edmonton Mall has something to do with that. But with Edmonton’s arsenal of unique, home-grown retail stores growing every year, we may just as well start being referred to as “Canada’s New York” (just kidding Toronto, we won’t take that away from you!!!).

But with all that being said, ANNMS is the latest retail space to really challenge Edmonton’s definition of “streetwear”. A beautiful conceptual retail space that was recently launched by four friends and visionaries, ANNMS is making a point to bring home a curated selection of exclusive and unique men’s streetwear that you really won’t find anywhere else. And the best thing about them? Their attention to detail. And the fact that I would pretty much wear everything they stock. After all, nobody ever said that streetwear had to be boring. And ANNMS is proving just that.




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