Totes Magotes

Not really t-shirt weather, but close enough given that Edmonton has been allowed us a few days of Autumn before everything is gobbled right up again by the snow. Also, I know I’ve been a little MIA on the blog and YouTube channel (do I even have one at this point?), but I’ve been finding it increasingly difficult to find the time or energy to keep up with everything. But with that being said, I’m hoping that after playing enough Gears of War 4, my soul will be replenished and I’ll once again rediscover the vigor and motivation to keep producing content that I enjoy. Until then, see you on the ‘gram (which is basically a collection of photos of this Danielle Foster tote at this point).

Danielle Foster Tote ℅‎, RAFA vegan handmade sandles, Toit Volant Flore dress, Glorified PJs t-shirt

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