Owning your own business is exhausting. Physically, mentally, emotionally. Exhausting. There’s always something to do, whether that be replying to e-mails, posting on Instagram, adding products to the website, book keeping, or worrying about book keeping (after all, you’re in charge of your own hustle). And I’ve found a way to balance all of this by shutting down for a few hours when I’m home and playing video games. But this has consequently resulted in negligence on my part to work on videos and creative projects I find truly inspiring. I’m in no where saying that I don’t love what I do, but I just wanted to be frank with you, because I owe a lot to the people who’ve bothered following this blog for the past 5 years. I’m not saying this blog is going anywhere for the mean time, but I’ll always try to do better and keep making content that I love, and hopefully you do too.

Samuji blouse, DKNY dress ℅‎, RAFA USA vegan handmade sandals, Levi’s vintage jeans


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