AG denim jeans, Glorious PJs Tee, Vintage jacket, Vans sneakers

As with everything that’s new and shiny, 2017 is looking to be so far, so good. I’ve already written all my hopes and dreams for the next three months in my new Moleskine (partially joking here), exercised once, and am hoping to revitalize this blog into what it once used to be—a visual diary and something to keep me sane, literate, and hopefully ever-curious and questioning. But with that being said, a lot of useless Facebook articles have been telling me that I need to be realistic about my goals and instead aim to change small things like my undying habit of being lazy or refusing to wake up in the mornings. But hey, to that I say, go big or go home (which is something I usually tell myself when I’m nervous/unsure about the future). But aside from that, to those of you who’ve stuck with me through a shit ton of blog layouts and incoherent rambling, thank you. To those of you who have just tagged along for the ride, I can’t wait to e-meet you. Cheers!

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