Tous Les Fruits

It’s been a really, really long time since I’ve sat in the metaphorical (creative) director’s seat.  As someone who expects everyone else to have mind-reading powers, I’ve always found it difficult to explain my ideas as the words I look for either never seem to catch up to my brain or come out at all. Most of the time I get too excited and my speech becomes incredibly incoherent. Everything becomes “that thing” or “this thing”, but all people are understanding are nothings (see what I did there?). The day they find a way to hook up Dropbox to my brain will be a great day, I figure. But anyway, the gist of this story is that when you’re working with like-minded friends, you don’t have to do all that much explaining (or mumbling, on my part). They just get it. So really, thank goodness for friends who are willing to think outside the box and brainstorm of the multiplicity of ways that fruit can be held, rolled, tossed, or displayed.

Cinematography — Kevin Wong
Set Assistant — Eric Yun
Creative Direction & Styling — Alyssa Lau
Makeup & Hair — Emily Phung
Model — Mikayla (Mode)
Clothing — New Classics Studios


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