Orange Boy

Amsterdam is so, incredibly enchanting that it’s hard to put into words. Think about the amount of awesome that truffle cheese, 17th century slanted houses, 200+ canals, buttery poffertjes and endless art sums up to, times that by five, and imagine that. You probably can’t, but it’s okay because all you need to do is visit Amsterdam. But if you can’t visit anytime soon, don’t worry, there will be a vlog for that (eventually…).

But anyway, hello from Amsterdam! Eric and I managed to score some Ader Error gear while in Berlin, and if you happen to know how deep my love for Korean street style goes, then you might understand how much I love Ader Error and shirts that make me feel like I’m wearing hand-me-downs that are way too big for me (hint: it’s a lot). I’ve been following Ader Error on Instagram for about a year now, and it’s just something about the brand’s oversized fit, unisex design and nonchalant IDGAF vibe that makes me want to move to Korea in a heartbeat. But, for now, I’m just going to be hanging out in Amsterdam and looking at some art.

WRAY trousers, Ader Error shirt, Ader Error bomber, vintage mohair bucket hat, Converse sneakers


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