Eurotrip Photo Diary

A month and a half ago, Eric, Phil and I jumped onto a plane and flew half way across the world to Iceland, ventured off to Paris, met Joy and visited Sophie in Berlin, and ended our two-week long trip in Amsterdam. I managed to finished four rolls of film while travelling and am finally sharing my favourite snaps! If you want the full experience, though, you could always scroll down and watch each city’s travel vlog. Huge thanks to for helping to make this trip possible!










  • heyy ! your photographs are so fuckin amazing ! i am living in paris, i’ve been in berlin for one week with my friends and i would love to go in iceland
    i loooooooove your style and i am excited to see all the videos (especiallly the one of berlin eheh)
    much love, emma

    • Hey Stef! X-ray machines at airports will not affect undeveloped film under ISO 800!

  • Hey
    Thanks for your beautiful blog full of great pictures. I am visiting Berlin this summer and wondered if you have any interesting suggestions for Berlin, cool places to go and visit,
    interesting individual shopping areas
    Places to eat
    Photo art gallery/areas


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