New York Vol. 9

This is my eighth or ninth time to New York, and I still feel like a stranger.

Eric and I venture off to New York twice a year for New Classics Studios’ biannual buying trips, and every time we visit, I fall deeper and deeper in love with film. No filters, no face tune. Just a tiny glimpse in time that keeps you guessing until you finally find the time to drop off your rollfilms at the closest drug store with a photo developing station manned by begrudging employees wondering why people (me) are still shooting film. And if you’re wondering what film camera I use, it’s a Contax T2 (thanks grandpa!).

This photo will one day be something I show to my kids (or dogs) and laugh at by myself because it looks like I’m breaking the rules (!!)

The view from our airbnb on Bowery. I loved hearing all the noises at night (people sure do love their horns in New York).

Wearing a Soonsu dress from W Concept.

Wolf Circus textured signet ring from New Classics.

Waiting 45 minutes outside Totto ramen. Before you ask if it was worth it, let me say: Yes, it was very worth it.

“Can we get one for our studio?”

From left to right: Dani Roche, Daniela Andrade, Eric Yun, Yours Truly, Jeremy Comte

Pretty sure I had vertigo taking this photo. I don’t do well with heights.

Eric got Toph drawn on a Garmentory Tote at capsule, but looking at it just made him miss her more.
The only way to really get around New York as long as you don’t mind standing in sauna-like conditions waiting for the train.

Perusing at Opening Ceremony in SOHO.

A long day of walking calls for a great pair of flats. Wearing my mother’s old skirt, a Kit & Ace one shoulder tank, Martiniano shoes, my beloved Chanel purse with a Mirador scarf, and Apres Ski earrings.

What trip to New York is complete without some Halal Guys? And yes, we also ate at Shake Shack. Twice.

People watching.

Note to self: Hold camera a little more still when taking photos in low-light settings.

We discovered that our air mattress was leaking.

I have a semi-unhealthy addiction to Coco bubble tea, so these two indulged me.

From left to right: Me, Jessica Wu, Kristen Lam, Dani Roche, Daniela Andrade, Jeremy Comte. Photo by Eric (duh).

Wearing a Lauren Manoogian beret, Jil Sander tank, secondhand Gucci trousers, a newly purchased vintage belt, Martiniano flats, and my chanel purse adorned with my favourite Mirador scarf.

My favourite view.

A rare sight for a city that’s 95% concrete.

Until next time, New York.


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