I don’t really like the word “perfect”. It’s like every song ever made featuring Pitbull that the radio won’t stop playing even though Quavo has already become the new Pitbull. Perfection is a rare occurrence, yet it’s a word that people use so much to the point where the word and its meaning itself has become diluted to nothing special.
But, here I am, thinking to myself that I’ve finally found the perfect pair of high waist jeans. You know, the pair that you don’t have to worry about stretching the next day. The pair that makes you say out loud, “Wow, I don’t have mom jean bum.” And who would’ve thought that I’d have found my miracle jeans on Revolve? After all, I always thought that these jeans were a myth.
℅‎ GRLFRND jeans from Revolve, ℅‎ RAYE boots from Revolve, Acne Studios jacket, Baserange Cramer sweatshirt


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