It has become difficult to find reasons to re-wear clothing when buying new ones comes so cheap. But in honour of slow fashion, I’ve been challenging myself for the past few years to focus on the clothing I have and re-get-to-to-know-them. Think of it like a speed date with your exes, only now replace “exes” with pieces from your closet. Our clothes are so incredibly versatile whether we know it or not, and learning how to wear them in different ways is just one way to make our closets more sustainable. Remember that thing you saw [insert influencer name here] wear on Instagram and wanted to buy in the 5 seconds you scrolled past it? Chances are you probably don’t need it. Instead, think about ways that you could re-create your favourite looks (hello Loewe FW18!) with pre-existing clothes!
We need to bring more intention back to why we shop, whether that’s by asking ourselves, “Who made my clothes?” or “Do I really want this?”.After all, there are hardly any reasons to really need a piece of clothing nowadays, so by phrasing a question in terms of “want”, it makes us really consider what it is about a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes that is attracting us so much. My favourite exercise when I find myself browsing stores online or IRL is to rate a piece on a scale of 1-10, thereby forcing myself to quantify just how much I covet said piece. Forcing yourself to sleep on purchases is also a great way to make sure you don’t impulse buy (which we’ve all been guilty of). And lastly, to all my fellow bloggers, we need to stop buying from and supporting fast fashion retailers in an effort to constantly produce new content for followers. So I challenge all of you to get to know your clothes again. Because isn’t that what fashion should be about?

Vintage sweater, ℅‎ Kozha Number bag, Caron Callohan dress, ℅‎ Coach boots, Open House Sister earrings,
Unicorigami scrunchie


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