I’m not sure what it is with the transition between winter and spring that makes me feel so lethargic.

That constant feeling of never wanting to leave home partly because of the dread of walking into deeper-than-they-look puddles and soaking your socks has lingered with me for the past few weeks, and sometimes it makes me feel bad about how productive I’ve been. Not to say that I haven’t been productive, but society has bred me to believe that the early bird gets the worm and staying at home all day is a bad thing, y’know? And although I am grateful for the warmer weather we’re receiving, I can’t wait for the snow to disappear and for summer to magically transform me into a morning person (like that will ever happen).
Anyway, there’s enough self-pity in this post to make for a C-list anime, so let’s leave this post on a positive note. Here are some things I’m excited and grateful for: 1) my dogs, 2) Eric (he’s making me a smoothie as I write this and has been SO good about dealing with my stress via shoulder rubs and patience that I wish I had), 3) the future and all it’s unknown, 4) my trip to Mexico in a week for Eric’s good friend’s wedding (which I guess is technically part of #3), and 5) this vintage blouse I found at Swish and carpenter pant combo (which will be available on Need Supply on Monday).

℅‎ NEED Linda Carpenter Pants, Thrifted Purse, Vintage Blouse, DITA Sunglasses, Lauren Manoogian beret, Mari Giudicelli Leblon Mules


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