February Moon List

I recently discovered Moon Lists – a selection of questions designed to help you look back on a timeframe of your choice. This practice for me has been very cathartic, to say the least. As someone who enjoys setting goals and working towards the future, it’s also important to reflect and look back at what steps you’ve taken to get here.

① What were you proud of?
I decided I wanted to get back into blogging! For the longest time, blogging has been something that I threw away into a metaphorical filing cabinet in the dustiest corner of my mind. But I do have to admit, I am proud of this blog (and v grateful for what it has lead me to), and of myself for being motivated enough to put it back together.

② A new way of looking at things, or something to attempt in the future
Eric and I have been bouldering for a little over a year now, and for the past few weeks, I’ve been feeling more frustrated than usual by the limitations of my body and mind. But I’ve also been reminding myself that while I may not be able to complete all the problems I want to now, every attempt I make is never fruitless and instead guides me to complete new problems in the future. And this doesn’t just apply to bouldering!

③ A meaningful change that impacts the way you live
I’ve started doing yoga again, sometimes in the morning or in the afternoon. I’ve forgotten how rewarding yoga is for my busy mind, despite the frequent interruptions from my dogs.

④ When were you indulgent?
When I ate ten too many rice crackers late at night as Eric and I binge watched Love is Blind on Netflix.

⑤ What was read, watched, seen, listened to? And consider the ratio between the mediums.
I didn’t read as much as I would’ve liked this past month – maybe a little over an hour’s worth of my current bedside table book, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari. I watched over 20 hours of Netflix alone (Crash Landing On You accounts for most of that), and I listened to BTS, iKon and Grimes most days. I think I need a new podcast to listen to.

⑥ An intimate experience with the natural world?
Climbing on rocks, sliding on ice and trudging through snow with Eric, my dogs and my friends by a frozen creek in Canmore. The silence outside of our voices was a nice change of pace.

⑦ An old object that’s been around but this month was rediscovered, brought forward, or valued in some way that ‘woke us up’ to it.
My aunt and uncle are currently in the process of moving out of their house and they gave me some of her old clothing. One of the pieces I received was an extraordinary coat/dress that I can’t wait to wear given the right occasion.

⑧ A creative act?
Back in December of last year, I woke up at 5am and just couldn’t get back to sleep because I had an idea for a video that wouldn’t leave me alone. So I got out of bed and translated all the noise in my head onto paper and e-mailed some people who could help me manifest these ideas into an actual .mp4 file. Just last week, Eric and I finally had the chance to film the video. We can’t wait to share it with you.

⑨ Something to honour this month
My body – I’m constantly being reminded of my physical self through the soreness and aches I often feel after bouldering. These aches and sore muscles are affirmations that I’ve worked hard and a reminder for me to be grateful for my body and the amazing things it does for me everyday.

⑩ What was missing?
Nothing at all.


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