Is blogging still relevant?

Is blogging still relevant in 2020?” This is a thought that goes through every blogger-turn-influencer’s mind as our blogs slowly decay away on the internet and become nothing more than fodder for the Internet Archive whenever we’re feeling nostalgic in ten years. I, in particular, have been thinking about this question a lot for the past year. And although I have more or less abandoned this blog like many who have transitioned over to Instagram, I’ve been trying to think of ways I can reconnect with my internet roots and where it all really started for me— blogs.
I really can’t remember how much I’ve already spilled about my beginnings on the internet, but it all started with a web design camp that I didn’t even go to. If you’re a long time reader, you might remember that once upon a time I ran this blog with my cousin, Kurtis. He isn’t the cousin I’m referring to, but instead it was his sister who attended it, only to come home and teach me everything she learned so I could make a glittery, title-scrolling website (with a guest book that my mom asked her friends to write in) hosted on Geocities about my then dog, Mulan. Since that first fated encounter with web design, I’ve built so many blogs and written so many posts that would never see the light of day. Until I started this one.

So back to the question, is blogging still relevant? In this day and age of shortened attention spans and shallow personas, stories have become more important than ever. I mean, how can we possibly tell great stories in 280 characters or less? (For the sake of this post, let us forget all the hilarious twitter threads we’ve read)

I personally can’t wait to start reading blogs in 2020 again. I hope you feel the same.

Also, if you are blogging in 2020, please let me know in the comments! Or let me know your favourites!

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