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Hi Alyssa, I’m graduating this year and am thinking about my future career, can you talk about your career path, your struggle and how you get into this industry? Thank you. 19. June 2018

For sure! I answered most of this question in a recent blog post. But just to delve a little deeper into your ask, being a part of the fashion industry (if that’s indeed the industry you’re referring to) isn’t a difficult task at all. Try interning or working different boutiques, magazines, or fashion labels to start off – a simple Google search of what fashion companies are hiring can do the trick.

As for my struggles, that’ll have to be another post 🙂

Hope that answers your questions for now!

What are some of your timeless pieces that you own? any tips for someone who’s new to sustainable fashion? 16. June 2018

My favourites off the top of my head – Acne Jensen boots, Baserange White Tee, vintage Levi’s jeans, Converse x CDG sneakers, my Chanel purse. As for tips, it’s really about building more sustainable consumption habits! Something I like to do when I find myself window shopping or online shopping is always ask myself “Who made my clothes?” in order to prompt myself to remember that there are real people behind the clothes we wear. Also, think about investing in your clothing rather than buying them for trends! Most of my favourite pieces are ones that I’ve saved up for and know that I’ll be able to wear for a long time 💖

Hi Alyssa! I’m inspired to start a similar venture to your New Classics Studios. I was wondering if you could advise me on getting funds and how to get started? 15. May 2018

Research any government grants or loans, or if you’re a minority or a woman, look out for groups that help mentor or fund female or minority entrepreneurs!

Hey Alyssa! I love what you do so much, and as a emerging writer and lover of fashion, I am just wondering how you got started and where you found opportunities in the city? Thanks! 15. May 2018

Thank you so much for the love! I just started trying new things on my blog, whether it was a new style choice or editing technique, and tried to keep as many doors open as possible! It’s so easy nowadays to talk and meet with people with similar interests in the same city a la social media, so make friends, collaborate, and keep on creating 🙂

Loved your Q&A video! I was wondering where you bought those two beautiful posters that were hanging on your wall in the background? 19. March 2018

Thank you! They are from Society 6! x

hello! what’s the font you use for your “Ordinary People” banner for your blog / in your latest grwm video? thank you! 🙂 5. March 2018

I think it is called Honda!

Hi Alyssa! I saw you received a previous ask regarding watches, I was wondering do you see yourself adding more styles of watches in general for your customers? Love to see what else new classics would be able to provide! 5. March 2018

If we find some new sustainable timepiece brands, why not! We’re always open to carrying and supporting slow fashion companies, whether they are established or just starting out!

Do you use ShipStation to send out orders or do you physically purchase all of your inventory and then personally distribute it to customers? Also, love you and everything you’re doing 🙂 5. March 2018

We carry all the inventory at our studio so we always ship out our orders personally (unless we are dropshipping with a label). Thank you!

lovin the sites new look! are you still using the coastal theme? it looks so customised! 5. March 2018

Thank you! No longer using Coastal. Using Adda. x

Would you ever restock the Black and Silver Classic WatcH (Berg + Betts)? 28. December 2017

Not sure! Not putting in a re-order until next Spring!

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