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Hey! Did you make this blog/website yourself? I mean the design and coding etc.. 🙂 16. October 2017

It’s actually a theme called Coastal I believe!

hello. why did you choose the canon g5x and not any of the others like g1x or g7x? i want to get one of the G’s but I’m having a hard time picking. Thanks! 16. October 2017

I actually just bought the camera because I needed it before a trip, so I probably would have bought the G7X if I had enough time! But with that being said, the G5X has been serving me quite well 🙂

I was interested in the Silver Round Watch in Slate Grey, Gold Round Watch in Black or Black and Silver Classic Watch! I was also wondering which watch you would recommend for someone with small wrists? Thank you and keep up the wonderful work xx 27. August 2017

The watches will fit pretty tight so any one you pick should be good 🙂 Also, sorry, they no longer have the Gold Round Watch in Black or Silver Round Watch in Slate Grey! The only one we have is the Silver Round Watch in Black here. So sorry about that!

Hi Alyssa! Will New Classics be restocking some of the watches that sold out? 16. August 2017

We just restocked a bunch 🙂 Any specific style you’re looking at?

Hey Alyssa! im so in love with you and your blog. in fact, you inspired me a lot to start my own blog. and i wanna know if you using any software or apps for editing your photo (like its color, tone, etc) or not? and if youre not using anything, how can you achive such aesthetic for your all of your beautiful photos? thank you so much, xx 4. August 2017

Hello! Thank you for the wonderful message and lovely words! Congrats on the start of your blog–I hope you have so much fun with it 🙂 I use Adobe Lightroom to edit all my photos, equipped with VSCO film presets. After doing initial edits on Lightroom, I’ll export the photo to Photoshop to add an action. Initially, I started editing my photos on Adobe Photoshop and would use actions I either created or downloaded (you can find loads of free photoshop actions online), along with curves and sometimes selective color if I need to change green tones. Editing photos is constantly a learning process, so just play around with things and you’ll be sure to find a routine that works for you! Hope that helps! x

hello alyssa, i really enjoy watching your vlogs and the music you chose for the background. i’m wondering where did you get these lovely music with no copyright for your video? like ‘the beach boy’ from your LATEST vlog, i did check up on ‘epidemic sound’ and ‘royalty free music’, BUT I CAN’T FIND IT ON BOTH WEBS. IS THERE ANY WEBS/WAYS TO PUT MY FAVOURITE MUSIC INTO MY VIDEO? 3. July 2017

Hey! I find most of my music on soundcloud and they all have copyrights 🙂 I just don’t monetize my videos! Cheers!

hey! You have probably answered this a thousand times but which cameras do you use? Do you also use analog ones? If yes, which ones? Thanks so much xoxo 20. June 2017

Hiiii! Eric and I mostly use our Canon 5D Mk III for our videos and photos. For vlogs, I have the Canon G5X, and for film, I have my Contax T2!

Hi there! I just discovered your blog and I’m absolutely in love with your content! I have a question and it would mean the world to me if you can answer it. My friend wants to start a blog where she can share her passion for music and art and she asked me to design it for her since I’m a graphic designer. I was wondering if you built your website from scratch or used a blog hosting platform. I don’t build websites (I’m a print designer) so I was wondering if you know any good options for putting up a blog on. Thanks! 20. June 2017

Hey! Thank you for the love! I’m currently using WordPress as a blog host, as well as a theme I bought from I can’t remember. I always like to customize the themes I buy a little so they’re not too ubiquitous, but if you’re looking to do something easy, I’d definitely recommend using WordPress or Blogger for your friend! Hope this helps 🙂 Cheers!

Hey Alyssa which society6 artist did you purchase your prints from? The piece with the 2 women is lovely. 20. June 2017

Here’s the link! 🙂

Hello! I really enjoyed your traveling 101 post, very cute 🙂 Do you use photoshop for your collages? And your handwriting is so perfect, how did you insert your handwriting unto the collages? (sidenote: thanks for taking the time to answer questions, I think it’s really nice you do so!) 2. April 2017

Thank you! I use photoshop for all my collages and free handwriting fonts (although I can’t remember from where). I have used my own handwriting before with a Wacom tablet, but I’m a little too lazy to do that now 🙂

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