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Hi! I’m Japanese and I’m study abroad now in New Zealand. I like your life style and video ; ) I came to New Zealand, I have gained 4 kilos recently… I would like to know your dieting method! 26. March 2017

Thank you for visiting my blog! I’m honestly not a fan of dieting or restricting myself in terms of food, so I just try to get my sweat on 1 to 2 times a week and eat healthier. This means lots of buddha bowls, chia seed/fruit puddings, and avocado/egg toasts. I am also incredibly partial to chips and other junkfood though, but it’s really all about balance. Also, please keep in mind that the human body is incredibly dynamic and weight fluctuations happen all the time! With that being said, we are so much more than our weight! It’s all bout learning how to happy in our own skin! x

Just finished watching your Iceland vlog (great material as usual!). I had a few questions I hope you don’t mind answering. I was wondering where you got your glasses at 04:25 in the video please (they are so cute)? What camera/lens combo to you tend to use to take pictures when traveling? And do you use anything to steady your camera while filming vlogs? Thanks in advance and keep up the great work 🙂 26. March 2017

Thank you! Of course I don’t mind at all! 1) I got my glasses from Warby Parker. 2) I usually always bring my Canon 5D Mk III when I travel with a 24-105mm lens and 50mm f/1.4 lens. It’s pretty heavy to lug around all day, so I only really brought it around with me in Iceland where we had a car to keep all my gear. For vlogs and more casual photos, I use my Canon Powershot 5Gx! 3) Eric and I have a stabilizer for our Canon 5D but I didn’t use it this trip for my Follow Me Through… Iceland video since they were mostly still shots. As for vlogs, I don’t use anything! 🙂 x

Hey Alyssa! How many bags do you normally bring with you when you visit Europe? Do you tend to overpack? I’m always in awe of your ability to put together a bunch of different outfits when you’re going abroad! 26. March 2017

Hey! Honestly, I’m a classic over-packer and just like to be prepared for possibly anything that could happen when travelling. This trip though, Eric and I brought one large check-in and two of Away’s bigger carry-ons! I just make sure to pack light clothes and wear the heavier ones (like my jackets) on the plane 🙂 Thanks for the question! x

Sorry about the last ask, accidentally turned it in unfinished! But I wanted to ask if you could possibly write an extensive guide about your trip to Iceland when you return? I would love to know what places you recommend staying at, where to visit, and how to get around! Hope your time there is a lot of fun 🙂 15. March 2017

Of course! I will definitely be posting a travel guide and vlog!Thank you for the kind words!

camera 8. February 2017

If you’re wondering what camera I use, it’s the Canon 5D Mk iii!

Hello there Alyssa! I think it’s always cool how you tinker around with your blog layout (it’s always minimal and chic). I wanted to ask do you have any websites or books you would recommend to learn more about coding for websites? How did you learn? 2. February 2017

Thank you so much – you are too kind! I don’t really have any favourite websites since I’ve kind of learned how to code just from google searching questions, but you could start off at W3Schools. I know most web designers probably hate this website, but it’s not a bad place to start! x

Out of curiosity have you ever thought of having unpaid internship opportunities? I feel like it would be such a great learning experience for people, especially since you are putting so much effort into sustainable fashion awareness! 5. January 2017

I’ve given it some thought but I think I’m much too unorganized to have an intern! That and I really have no idea who’d be interested! x

Do you know how to add like the color streak in the photo? Or where to find pretty png images ? thanks a lot 15. November 2016
hey alyssa 🙂 i was just wondering what you use as a web host for your blog with 15. November 2016

I use GoDaddy!

you are so cool and so real! it’s hard to find bloggers like you nowadays 🙂 i was wondering why you made the switch over to wordpress! i’m currently using blogger and i’m not sure if i should switch :/ ps. i am in love with your blog and it inspires me so much!! 12. November 2016

Eep, thank you for the kind words! Blogger is a great platform and is super straight-forward and intuitive, but I made the switch over to WordPress because it’s much more versatile in what you can do with it. There are so many more theme options to choose from! <3

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