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Literally obsessed with your blog, your youtube channel, and your instagram aesthetic. So so so SO inspired to start creating my own. Do you know of any good videos/online tutorials that teach you how to colour grade and animate text like a pro on FCPX? 13. June 2016

Thanks for the love–you’re too sweet! I would definitely check out PHLEARN for any Photoshop tutorials (I think they might have Adobe Premiere Pro ones), but for FCPX, I’m not quite sure. I haven’t used it in a while so I wouldn’t know, but I’m sure you can find some great ones on Google!


Hello Alyssa! Have you or any of your friends used SquareSpace (how has their experience been with it?)? I’m kinda between WordPress and SquareSpace when it comes to choosing a blogging platform and I am not sure which I should choose. 8. June 2016

Squarespace is SUPER easy to use but I’m hella frugal so I quit that after a while (I used it for my portfolio a few months ago). Honestly, WordPress is pretty bomb for a free blog hosting service, and there are so many great themes you can buy for pretty cheap (I’d recommend etsy)!

If you don’t mind my asking, where do you buy your themes Alyssa? 8. June 2016

I bought one off blog milk, two off etsy, and a few off theme forest!

Can I ask what kind of software or program do u use to customized your blog? It is amazing and you’re so talented. 30. May 2016

I just buy themes and customize them myself 🙂 Thanks for the love!

Do you use dreamwaver to design your blog? 21. May 2016

Haven’t used Dreamweaver in years!

Hello Alyssa! Since you were inspired to pursue a career path outside of Biochemistry I wanted to ask, if you could go back to college what major would you have chosen to correlate with what you are doing now? 21. May 2016

I’d almost definitely go into business and do accounting or something. Everyone needs an accountant!

I was looking through your tutorials and I couldn’t find the collage post you made a while ago :< 21. May 2016

It’s over at my old blog right here 🙂

hi Alyssa, can you do a post about how to customize a theme for blog? thank you so much! 9. May 2016

Hey! I did a brief HTML/CSS tutorial here. Other than that, it would be pretty hard to do a comprehensive post on how to customize blog themes because there’s just SO much to cover. So instead, I would highly recommend just teaching yourself how to do some basic coding via tutorials on the internet! There are plenty!

hi alyssa! i was just wondering, what do you use to edit the doodles and writing onto your pictures? I really think they’re so cute 9. May 2016

I use Photoshop! Thanks!

Hi alyssa (ha thats my name too), and also oddly enough I have my degree in a hard science thus currently working in a clinical lab. i am edging close to that year and a half mark ( 0_0 ) when you realize there isn’t a life altering sign telling you this is what you should be doing. I am creative in nature and that is a huge source of enjoyment for me but, and i suppose this is my question to you, how were you able to close a door on something you spent so many years working for? 28. April 2016

Hey Alyssa! (It’s always weird to cool to meet another Alyssa) When I decided to open up New Classics instead of going to school (again), I never really thought of it as closing a door. The thing about school is that it’ll always be there, so my train of thought was more so along the lines of putting school on hold indefinitely rather than giving it up and wasting all of the work I put into getting my degree. On that note, I never felt guilty about not pursuing something I spent so many years working for because I just wasn’t fulfilled by it anymore. Sometimes you work hard and get nowhere. But as long as you keep working hard, you’ll get somewhere.

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