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Hello 🙂 are you using blogger or wordpress currently? and how did you make the drop down menu? i cant seem to make one ! thank you 🙂 27. April 2016

Currently using WordPress! There are tons of tutorials and documentation for making drop down menus online, so I recommend Googling some!

Hi Alyssa! When traveling and RECORDING contents of your trip, do you find yourself preferring to use your phone or camera? 22. April 2016

My phone, FOR SURE (I have an iPhone 6s). The Canon is great and all, but hauling it around is a workout and a half!

hi alyssa! what program/s do you use in editing your videos? Thank you in advance! 22. April 2016

I use Adobe Premiere Pro! 🙂

How did you get started with coup boutique? 14. April 2016

I received an e-mail one day about modelling for Coup Boutique’s lookbook, and from there, started working part time (since I was looking for a part-time job).

Hey, how do you crop and draw on videos ou upload on instagram? 🙂 14. April 2016

I do it all on Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s a little hard to explain, but for the writing, I make a PNG file on Photoshop and then import it into Premiere Pro to use in the video.

hi there Alyssa, I wanted your opinion on something. When/how did you realize you did not want to pursue a medical career and wanted to focus on being a buyer instead? I recently graduated from college and for the last 4 years I’ve always had my mind set on being a doctor. Lately I have been having second thoughts as to whether or not it is genuinely a profession I want to be a part of for the rest of my life. i’ve been thinking of maybe looking into market&ADVERTISING/PR instead, but doing this complete 180 has me feeling a bit anxious. is this how you felt when you were making your difficult decision? 14. April 2016

Ooooh. Good question. I was actually working in a Biochemistry lab as a research assistant when I realized: a) I didn’t enjoy my work and b) I couldn’t picture myself doing the same work for the next two years (I was scheduled to start a two-year graduate program that fall). It’s definitely not out of the question to feel anxious, especially when it comes to making big life decisions, but if your heart isn’t 100% set on medicine, then I’d for sure recommend trying out different career paths (and if marketing/advertising/PR is what peaks your interest, go for it!). School will always wait for you!

I love your photos very much! What kind of camera and lens are you using at the moment? 11. April 2016

Thank you! Currently using the Canon 50d Mark iii with either a 24-105mm lens f/4.0 or 50mm lens f/1.4 🙂

are those brother vellies babouches actually comfortable for all day wear? 3. April 2016

I had my doubts initially but they’re surprisingly comfortable! I’m not sure if they’re the best for all-day wear, but I’ve worn mine for around 3-4 hours with no problems at all. x

How’s Alberta? 1. April 2016

Alberta’s great. It’s been warming up, we’ve been getting the most incredible sunsets lately, and we have the Rocky Mountains. Sooooo yeah, pretty great!

I love your new website. I’m thinking of moving to WordPress myself but I want to get everything right first. I’m wondering if you do web design. If yes, how much would you charge to design a wordpress blog theme? 28. March 2016

Thank you! I don’t actually design websites, but I can help customize a theme for you if you find one you like! Feel free to send me an e-mail at!

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